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  • Moon Rock Pre-Roll Blunt – 1.2g – Caramel


    **Extremely Potent ** A premium product in a convenient pre-roll. Each Moon Rock Pre-Roll is made from premium flower and honey oil (YUM!). Coated with strain specific Keif. All Moon Rocks have an additional 5% CBD keif to prevent green-outs AND to give a stronger effect. || No artificial terpenes added.

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  • Sweet Buds Gummies – 100mg CBD (10mg/gummie)


    Whole package contains: 100mg cbd. Number of Gummies: 10, 10mg/gummie. 5 flavours.

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  • Rosin – Indica – Pink Kush – 0.5 gram


    Weight : 0.5 grams, THC: 64%, CBD 0.8%. Gold Star Rosin is an award winning Canadian company whose only focus is making the best Rosin and Rosin derived products in the world – period. Rosin refers to an solventless extraction process that utilizes a combination of heat and pressure to nearly instantaneously squeeze resinous sap from your initial starting material. The term “rosin” originated as a method of making a product used to lubricate violin bows. The result is a translucent, sappy, and sometimes shatter-like product. Rosin retains all the valuable terpenes that account for aroma and flavour without a single parts per million (PPM) of residual hydrocarbon. In other words, you are essentially getting shatter without any solvents. Watch making:

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  • BlackBerry Kush Indica – 2 x Pre Roll Joints


    We roll ’em up and you smoke ’em up! We use flower and a machine to create quality, consistent pre rolls for you to enjoy the slopes and mountain vibe. 2 x 0.5gm Joints

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  • Moby Dick Sativa – 2 x Pre Roll Joints


    Moby Dick is a cross of an unknown Haze and an unknown White Widow that was originated by the Spanish breeder King Kush from Dinafem. According to the breeder, Moby Dick has between 17% to 22% THC and low CBD levels. This whale of a bud has a tantalizing aroma of lemon, spices, and incense with Haze and cedar undertones.

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  • Blue Hawaiian Sativa – 2 x Pre Roll Joints


    Blue Hawaiian is a high-reaching cultivar that was developed by British Columbia’s Jordan of the Islands seed bank when breeders crossed DJ Short’s Blueberry with an unknown Hawaiian Sativa strain.

    Named for the Blue Hawaii cocktail, the strain resembles the cocktail’s tropical flavors and blueberry aroma.

    Blue Hawaiian thrives best in a Mediterranean climate, and requires a bit of skill to grow. Both seeds and clones are available commercially, and will typically produce 5-6 foot-tall flowering plants in 9-10 weeks. This cultivar’s sweet berry flavors and Sativa-characteristic energy won the BC Fall Harvest Cup prize for Best Sativa.

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About Us

We are a source of credible medical and body enhancement knowledge around cannabis, your body and how it all works. Based in Whistler mountains area, where we live by mountain based community values, which correlates into quality cannabis products and cutting edge scientific information.

What People Are Saying

I was suffering from high anxiety for years, and then I tried Bubba Pink Vapour Pen and flower. With in a few days, I was able to drop by sleeping tablets. My husband and I are so much happier, as my daytime drowsiness,dizziness, and constipation has gone, that stopped me from hiking in the local mountains. Mount herbal was wonderfull to help me identify the right products for my lifestyle.

– Sara Buttenshaw

“Off My Sleeping Tablets”

“No More

I suffered a lower damage lower back years ago, and was stuck on Percocets ever since. I lost my ability to be active and mobile, and this affected my motivation, not to mention the addiction of needing them for simple chores. I then came across the team at mount herbal thru my wife, and applied their neuroplasticity techniques to create new neural pathways , supplemented using Rockstarvapour pen, and CBD: THC 1:1 tincture to assist this training, and to replace my opiods pain meds. I am now so happy to be back in the mountains moving around, I feel it has been a miracle this journey over 4 years.

– Andrew Merello

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